A simple, yet distinctive and firm underlying philosophy of the school, to provide an international education while being steeped in the rich Indian educational tradition and core values, has been received very positively worldwide; it has resulted in the growth of the school to be rated as one of the best international schools in India and acknowledged as world class.

Bethlahem New CBSE Central School is in an idyllic setting two sprawling campuses amidst hills and fields, fine weather and a natural, pollution-free atmosphere satisfy a crucial need in today's world for students to be able to learn, observe, introspect and contemplate in a most desirable environment. Education in such ambience is a rewarding experience for our students, truly their "wonder years". The campus of Bethlahem covers an area of more than 12 acres with lush green environment and spongy lawns. The hills at the background add beauty to the entire campus.

Class Rooms

Classrooms are spacious and well ventilated. Each classroom is equipped with latest technology-interactive boards, projectors, high speed internet, and proper project display areas for ensuring an exciting and pleasant study environment. For the comfort of students, each room has its own Cubby Holes providing a perfect storage solution for student's books.

The classrooms are designed with safety in mind and every classroom has emergency exits in case of any eventuality like an evacuation. As Bethlahem New CBSE School is a green school, natural lighting and ventilation has been taken into account. For the primary section, particularly, the furniture and equipment has been chosen with utmost care and every room is provided with classroom resources necessary for each age level.


In order to inculcate good reading habits among our students, we have facilitated fully functional library for students.Books are the monarchs of mind and windows to the world. Books are the quietest and the most consistent friends.They are the most accessible and the wisest counselors.

Our library is fully equipped to navigate the children’s voyage to discovery. The vast library is our treasure chest to unleash creativity, imagination, and linguistic powers. The libraries are supported by qualified teacher librarians, and are well lit and ventilated, user friendly with browsing areas, reference sections, periodical sections and general sections.


We have computer laboratory with fully functional multimedia systems with broadband internet access provided by a dedicated router. We have separate laboratories for primary, middle and high school classes. While teaching children the importance of mind power, we train them for effective use of computers to enhance their performance and to optimize their learning potential.

We follow the functional approach in computer training which can enliven the subjects and enable the children to explore the concepts in a virtual environment.


BNCBSE School offers transportation facility that is known for its timely and prompt services. We have an impressive fleet of buses. All the buses go through the regular maintenance drives. Special care is taken for the younger students. All our buses are equipped with First Aid kits and trained drivers as well as attendants.

In order to provide additional safety, each bus is mandatory required to have one female teacher’s presence.Parents must be punctual when meeting the bus. No changes in the services will be made without the consent of the transportation office.