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Our Story

Welcome To Bethlehem New Central School

The most phenomenal events can be the most pleasant surprises. It was destined to be formidable since profit was never a motive but passion was. The Chairman Mr. Shri.Gerald Selvaraja, an accomplished professional, had been cultivated a dream of CBSE school where kids could just be kids and not rote machines, creativity is nurtured and not killed, no boundaries for learning and trying new ideas and kids breathe in a elegant, energized environment.

The school domain is arranged is such a way that children would love and admire them. That in brief is the genesis of the Bethlehem New Central School took its first baby step in 2018, safe and secure from day one, bubbling with good energy, and more wonderful workable ideas and grit to make it through, the school would grow from strength to strength. It is committed to provide the best quality education to kids of Karungal and mentors are versatile and adaptable human beings by exposing them to various walks of life global best practices and innovative initiatives thus get them to explore and take up challenges of life.

Based on dedication, quality orientation, hard work and passion for education of the BETHLEHEM team, was once a dream of just few people is today going to be a large family comprising Children, Parents, Staff and Associates that is learning and growing by leaps and bounds. With several milestones to be covered and feathers to their cap the dream and expectations are now far beyond the horizon.

Our Vision

Mentor each child to be an Achiever in life Nurture Discover, Value and Nurture the individual’s area of excellence Learner is responsible for learning, develop intellectual curiosity and become lifelong learners Thinker. Be a creative, innovative and logical thinker Communicator Think, Speak and write with precision, clarity and independence Discipline Practice self-discipline, be organized and lead a healthy & balanced life Perseverance The tenacity to hold on to your aspirations against all odds Leader Imbibe strong ethics, rational decision making skills and leadership quality with a sense of team work Empathy Understand others perspective and develop along Integrity Adhering to principles and righteousness.

Our Mission

Our mission is to develop this institution into a center of excellence in the field of education and to provide value-based education and instill high standards of discipline, moral and religious value.

Our Campus

To increase the access of digital content among students, the BNCS institution transforms the campus into Wi-Fi Campus that not only enhances the e-learning habits in students but also gives them choice to access Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs).


Bethlehem New Central School has all the facilities.

The library has duplex type arrangement and has collections volumes with a special reference and..

The school has separate well equipped Music room with multiple instruments to facilitate learning of this arts.

Keeping in mind the numerous benefits of playing, we implement well spacious KG Park with all...

Computer lab with 50 systems and space for additional labs with a broadband internet connection.

The school has a well equipped and well stocked Science Laboratories with specimens, chemicals,models etc.

The Math Lab comprises of a variety of mathematical teaching aids in the form of models, games, charts...


Thanks a lot to the students, parents and teachers for giving us such honest feedback about our School.



One of the top 5 schools in Kanyakumari with widely spread area. Elementary to higher level school education is provided here.



Thank you for your hard work in supporting my son as they develop. Your patience and commitment to supporting my child has mean a lot to our family.



Nice place with charming environment, Friendly staff, excellent labs and infrastructure, well stocked library, good place to learn..



As a team, we will create a school and career ready experience that will encourage each student to be respectful, wise, and to act with integritry.