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Academic Council

The purpose of BNCS Academic Council is the proper function of teaching learning process, maintenance of academic standards within the school, planning, co-ordination, development, oversight, validation and review of the curriculum and all academic work of the school and advising the Governing Body on the resource implications of such planning.

Sexual Harassment Committee

The SHC in BNCS has the following objectives.

  • Provide a safe environment to the students and women employees.
  • To arrange orientation programme and giving awareness about sexual harassment.
  • All the class should have an appropriate complaint box. The committee members will check the complaint box once in a week.
  • complaint confidential must be maintained.
  • Guidelines should be displayed to create awareness.
  • Committee members’ names and numbers must be prominently displayed.

Disciplinary Committee

The school has implemented a DC with the purposes of

  • Handling all student's disciplinary matters in the most reasonable manner
  • Providing clear procedure to deal with problems and disciplinary issues within short duration and
  • Providing fair and equal treatment to all who are involved in disciplinary issues

Assembly Committee

Morning assembly in our School is about students and teachers coming together to start the day. We have assembly daily. We have theme based assembly on every first and third Monday in our School house wise on rotation basis (Emerald, Rubies, Sapphire and Topaz).

Order Of The Assembly

The given assembly order is followed in BNCS. Each assembly lasts for 15 to 20 minutes and its focusing on flashing the talent of the students in performing their creative arts. The theme and programme motivate the students to develop good values.

  • Breathing Exercise
  • Prayer Song
  • Prayer
  • Thought for the day
  • Two new vocabularies
  • GK questions
  • Theme based Activity (Monday)
  • Value Education story
  • Birthday celebrations
  • Announcements
  • National Anthem